( PMP )


Dear Owner / Manager,

The general purpose of this is to establish a consistent routine of proper maintenance of your gate and gate operating system, while providing emergency service as required. A longer and more reliable useful life of the product is the intended benefit of our Preventative Maintenance Program.
We do not expect to eliminate all problems relating to your gate and gate operator(s), however, we do expect to decrease the volume of problems significantly and extend the life of the equipment. This will be done through periodic inspections including proper lubrication and adjustments.
As a property owner / manager, you are conscientious of the cost and the need for reliability and the security provided by your gate operator(s). Having a gate out of operation normally results abtaining additional security or leaving some portion of your property in a compromising situation. It is essential that the gate(s) be properly maintained to minimize down time and prolong its life.
In order to maximize the efficiency of this program, we will establish a priority folder. Experience has proven that periodic preventative maintenance and careful inspection can reduce both down time and repair expenses, while extending the life of the gate(s) and operator(s). The gate(s) and operator(s) can be serviced (2) to (4) times a year. We recommend every three (3) months for commercial and, every six (6) months for residential use depending on how your equipment has to labor.
This program will also enhance the warranty of your newly installed System.

PARTS and LABOR cost:
This program covers normal maintenance, Adjustments, lubricants, and fasteners. It does not include replacements parts or their installation. You will be notified of recommendations with any regard to expensive replacement parts and will be given the opportunity to approve the repair prior to us proceeding. Necessary and inexpensive parts are to be replaced when performing preventative maintenance and invoiced as an extra.

Tighten - Align - Adjust - Replace... sprockets, pulleys, screw shafts, hinges, rollers, nuts, bolts, bearings & bushings, limit cams, chains, latches, gear reducer oil levels and all other hardware. Inspected for excessive wear & stress on all moving parts. Adjust gate open & close stop position, adjust clutch slippage.
Oil, Grease, & lube... all moving contact parts. Graphite locks on walk gate and all other locking devices.


Remove all dirt & dust... build up from terminal connectors, PC boards that can cause shorting and burnout.
Tighten & Inspect... all electrical connections for looseness, corrosion, insulation cracks & water signs do to case & cover leakage. Replace Light bulbs that light up keypads and other access functions.

Blow out all dirt & debris... built up from around equipment housing, clean & repair equipment for cosmetic appearance.
Safety Check... all gate contact stop & reverse functions, vehicle exit & loop detection devices, shutdown functions and Emergency Entry devices.
            Overall Operation of your entire Entry System.